The Greatest Guide To क्या हमारे देवता व पूर्वज एलियंस थे

Naxalites and this kind of house grown anti social and internal terrorist teams want to destabilise govt. They rely upon extorted, unaccounted and unwell gotten prosperity from different illegal sources.

Accourding to advertisement Chemistry with Boilogy team are qualified i.e PCB team, but there is not neccessary to a chemistry Hons college student that He/she should have Biology group, He/she might have Maths or physics team. Hence there could possibly have mistake in identical advertisment.

सरकारी निर्धारित दर से कई गुना अधिक राशि वसुली जा रहे है . आप इनं केन्द्रो पर कारवाई करे

five) I noticed that now lousy people are not interested for higher denomination notes (In submit Office environment an individual exchanged his old notes (Rs.

On top of it they use this hard-earned money of kidnapped or robbed people to carry out anti social and anti democratic violent functions that threatens the integrity and sovereignty of our state.

Who is more corrupt who is more dictotorial? You will knoww soon. To purchase jandhan kahtas financed by volutary gas subsidies, now to take care of that banks demand all of us. Lousy are fantastic because they votebanks

uprokat batoin ko dyan mein rakhate huye sabhi kraksar ko cill kar uchit kanun karwai ki jaye jisse hum gramwasi kai ghatak rogon ka sikar na ho sakein .

More people Primarily the underprivileged could possibly find the money for their own individual homes in the years to return because of demonetization.

Anyways, this is simply not the first time that demonetisation was performed, then why ppl are harping on this n blaming modiji although not on Pappu the biggest beneficiary by means of his sycophant supporters?

जी हाँ , आपको आश्चर्य हो रहा होगा यह सुनकर लेकिन यह बिलकुल सही सरकारी नियम है , उदहारण के तौर पर अगर किसी की सालाना आय क्रमशः पहले दूसरे और तीसरे साल चार लाख पांच लाख और छः लाख है तो उसकी औसत आय पांच लाख का दस गुना मतलब पचास लाख रूपए उस व्यक्ति के परिवार को सरकार से मिलने का हक़ है।

Krishna Marathe Oct 21, 2017 at five:19 am I believe you have not understood transformation, when in transformation every thing should be adjusted, people, routines, systems, system. All the things must shaken also to acquire new shape for betterments. To be able to indian financial state, programs, individuals as well as their behavior to target it’s strategic procedure. Just after demonitisation most factors are started in electronic sort, every little thing account are associated with aadhar so to supply black funds and spent is difficult for individuals or businessman, gst is there, persons recognition to oppose black funds, many businessman arrive away from chakravyuh of click here black revenue.

आग्रह पूर्वक कहना यह है कि बाघमारा विधान सभा के अंर्तगत कतरास का एक मात्र घरोहर जी०एन०एम० + हाई स्कूल है जिसमे निर्धन परिवार के हजारो छात्र-छात्राए पढ़ते है लेकिन हजारो छात्र-छात्राओ का पठन-पाठन मात्र चार शिक्षको के भरोसे चल रहा है और तो और घनबाद जिला शिक्षा पदाघिकारी द्वारा छात्रो के पेय जल के नाम पर ढाई लाख खर्च कि गई लेकिन आज भी छात्र-छात्राऐ दूसित पानी पिने के लिए मजबूर है

and simultaneously inquire the clients be patient until 50 times later you're going to get high course clinical attentions?. So, remember to don’t make an effort to help Anybody blindly.

U r the sole individual who has the info. Even RBI continues to be counting the notes.. Mahesh, no person is versus black dollars. The only real impact it had was on terrorist. There finance was drained.

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